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Dog Collar Mission

Martingale Dog Collar

Martingale Dog Collar

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Acorn stained .75 inch width 16-20 inches long

A martingale dog collar gives the owner a little more control over the dog but not fully “choking” them with a choker collar. The martingale applies pressure when they pull. This dog collar is meant for those who know how to use it properly. Not meant for those dogs that constantly pull on the leash, they need to be trained properly with the collar and know how to walk properly. Please seek guidance from a dog trainer if you need help

All color accessories on this collar will be silver.

This is a veg-tan leather, which means it is stained an Acorn color and colored in with an acrylic paint pen. This is a natural leather and has imperfections when stained which makes this leather unique to every order.


*When I purchase from Dog Collar Mission I know I must be able to fit two fingers between dog and collar

* When I purchase from Dog Collar Mission I know if I purchase this for a puppy I must check the size every 3 weeks to make sure the collar isn't too tight

*When I purchase from Dog Collar Mission I will not leave the dog collar on while in a crate

*When I purchase from Dog Collar Mission I understand that these dog collars are not breakaway collars

*When I purchase from Dog Collar Mission this is NOT ideal for a dog that pulls. These dog collars are strong but if a dog is not trained on a dog collar it can hurt them

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