Leather Care

Caring for you new dog collar isn't that hard. I do get asked, can it get wet? Well yes it can, but the more the collar is weather the more it will loose its luster. The more you take care of your collar the longer it will last. Now my dogs are rough and tuff on them and they still look great! If you are looking to give it a little shine, I do recommend purchasing Bee's Wax for leather (coming soon to my store).

If you have any other specific questions about your rustic collar please send me a message I would be happy to help with your new dog collar.


My first rescue dog and one-of-a-kind. She was surrendered to the shelter when she was 4 months old because she was biting too much and wasn't potty trained, and if you ask me, these are all pretty normal puppy behaviors. I fell in love with her right away and didn't see her puppy problems as a problem.

I lost her to cancer in 2018 and I think about her every day, I want her amazing doggy legacy to live on by helping other dogs in need at the animal shelter and rescues.

Go get your collar today!