Custom Leather Dog Collar

Leather Dog Collars

Making leather dog collars is a blast! I truly enjoy the creative side of making them! I wanted to tell you what goes into making these dog collars.

1. I get a slab, giant cut, I'm not quite sure how to describe the chunk of leather I get but its a big piece that I then cut down to the size I need them to be.

2. Once I cut the giant piece of leather (it's bigger than me) in half, I get a leather cutter and I cut the leather into the width of dog collars I want, so that can be the 1inch width and the .75 width dog collars. The 2 inch dog collars come from a special leather store that doesn't always have the material in stock, so you may request it and I'll see if I'm able to get it.

3. When they are cut down to size I then bevel the edges and burnish them, this is a satisfying step to making the collars. On top of doing the edges I burnish the entire back of the dog collar to give it a smooth finish.

4. After that is complete I puncture the holes in the leather getting it ready to stamp and create into a master piece. 

Probably from start to finish this entire process (just 1 collar) takes me 3-4 hours. Making these dog collars and having a mission behind helping shelters and rescues really gives me fulfillment. My passion has always been animals and helping them as most of my career I have been a vet tech, this mission shows my creative side and I love it so much. I hope you enjoy them as well!

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