Did you ever want to make your own custom dog collar?

Check out the cool places where I will be next! Don't see a venue near you? Please send me a message with places you would like to see this workshop!

At these workshops you will get a dog collar cut to size, then you will stamp it, stain it, and then color it in!

It's a great workshop for any dog lover!


My first rescue dog and one-of-a-kind. She was surrendered to the shelter when she was 4 months old because she was biting too much and wasn't potty trained, and if you ask me, these are all pretty normal puppy behaviors. I fell in love with her right away and didn't see her puppy problems as a problem.

I lost her to cancer in 2018 and I think about her every day, I want her amazing doggy legacy to live on by helping other dogs in need at the animal shelter and rescues.

Go get your collar today!